Another week, another podcast! This week, we are taking this episode international discussing the many great benefits of buying outside of the US and what you should know first before purchasing. For all our realtor friends, we didn't forget about you either, we talk about how to break into this market if you don't have a brokerage that is with Christie's International. 😉 This time we have Bob Jones ( and Heather Mountain ( joining us who both have an amazing track record dealing with International clientele!

Get a taste of what it's like to be in your realtor's shoes! Today we have Areli Dozal and Carlos Rodriguez here to talk about things they wish their their clients knew. Give it a listen to find out how having a BAD lender can ruin your chances of getting your dream home, crazy client request we've gotten, what you should be looking for when looking at properties, and more! You can reach them at @thehtownrealtor and @iamcarlosardz

As you might already know, we like to do our work out of the box, which is why for this episode we decided to fill you in on what a few of your favorite celebrities have going on in their real estate world! We've got the scoop from Alicia Keys to Scott Disick and everyone in between so give it a listen and find out what George Strait made out of Cactus!

This podcast goes out to all our Houston listeners! We have nailed down the top Houston spots, the must-knows for realtors, and why investing in this city is a great idea for investors. Think you are a true Houstonian? Think again.

We decided to switch things up on this episode of Real Estate Happenings. Meet your host, Michelle Arreguin, and her co-host/roommate, Cynthia Ruiz. They'll be taking over the podcast today and will be going through three different segments. Listen till the end, as they saved the best for last. Get insights into top celebrity agents, the best celebrity homes and listen to what happens when they go undercover and call one of our own agents to see how they perform during our NAN Real Estate Agent Roulette. Let us know what you would like to see on our next takeover!

July 23, 2019

Commercial Real Estate

Ever wondered what it would be like to expand your real estate practice to the commercial industry? Listen to our experts Rene Rodriguez and Yvonne Pruneda's experience on how they got started, how they get their deals, and the TRUE difference between commercial and residential real estate!

Did we miss something? Let us know! You can reach Yvonne Pruneda @yvonnepruneda and Rene Rodriguez at @agentrene on Instagram.

June 25, 2019

Lender Takeover

On this episode, we let Chris Kelso, one of Houston’s premier lenders, take over Real Estate Happenings. He is discussing the DO’s and DONT’s of mortgage lending with our very own Nan agent, Carlos Rodriguez. 
The mortgage lending process is a very important step in your home buying journey. Chris and Carlos breakdown the basics of lending and let us in on all the secrets of the process.
Be sure to contact Chris Kelso if you are searching for an experienced mortgage professional by visiting and Carlos Rodriguez (@iamcarlosardz) for all of your real estate needs.

Ever been interested in owning a rental property in Houston or an Airbnb around the globe? This episode features real estate rockstars, Andrew Lin and Bob Jones, who discuss all things investing! Learn what it takes to have a successful investment property and what not to do based on our agents' experience. You can find Andrew Lin on Instagram at @houstonsgreatest and can contact Bob Jones at 713.876.1990. 

Perfecting your pitch is not an easy task. Whether you are trying to attain a luxury listing or attempting to gain a new client, it’s important to be prepared, be confident and be educated. Many of you may ask, “I'm a new agent, how do I prep for a sales pitch? What if I don’t know an answer to a question? How do I make sure I’m fully prepared?” NAN agents, Yvonne Pruneda and Areli Dozal, discuss all things pitching and have the answers just for you. Get ready to feel more confident and prepared to walk into any meeting!

We live in a world that revolves around social media and the real estate business is no exception! For this episode we get to hear from the two Queen B's of social networking, Nancy Almodovar and Julia Wang who combined have more than 20K followers and have earned million dollar deals simply by clicking the "PUBLISH" button. 

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